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Being really passionate about everything related to computing, more mainly artificial intelligence and all technologies related to the Python language like Django, Flask, FastAPI and network programming with socket, web programming and mobile programming, my goal is to improve my skills and acquire knowledge and experience through the realization of concrete projects.

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  • Name : Romerik
  • Birthdate : 21 october 2001
  • Address : Abomey-Calavi, Cotonou
  • Experience : 2 years
  • Freelance : Available

Experience & Education


Software Engineering (3rd year)
IFRI (Benin) Oct 2019 - Nowadays

Since Oct 2019 at today, I'm studying Computer Science in Software Engineering at Institute for Training and Research in Computer Science of Benin

Scientific Bachelor Degree
Benin Jun 2019

In Jun 2019, I got my Certificate of Scientific Bachelor Degree at Benin

FirstCycle Certificate
Benin Jul 2016

In Jul 2016, I got my junior secondary school diploma at Benin


Python scripting and Machine Learning
Cyberspector 19 Aug Present

Since 19 Aug 2021, I've started a professional internship at Cyberspector in Python scripting anf Machine Learning for 6 months

Laravel Back-End Intern
Google jul 2021 - Aug 2021

I did a one-month academic internship in the IT department of the Celescath clinic where I developed two APIs in Laravel for clinic applications





Bootstrap, jQuery, React


C, C++, Java, Python

Data science libraries

Laravel, Django, FastAPI

Network programming with Python

SQL, Oracle, MongoDb

My Services

Python coding

I'am used to code all the time in Python for automating some tasks like game, server monitoring, algorithms and competition.

Web Development

I have the skills to make responsive websites in HTML, CSS, JavaScript with PHP, Laravel and Django.

API Development

I am experienced in using and coding APIs in Laravel, FastAPI and Flask and their testing and debugging with Postman.

Data Science

I'm very passionate about Machine Learning and Deep Learning and is open to work on projects about.

Amazon Web Services

I master some AWS web and hosting services like EC2, S3 as well as Machine Learning services like Amazon SageMaker.

Desktop Application

I know how to develop desktop applications for games or management using Tkinter or Pygame.

My Projects

Blog 1
Challenge for Rotary club
Apr 2021

This site was coded for a challenge organized by Epitech for the creation of a mobile application for the Rotary club.

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Blog 2
Alx Program First Project
Jul 2021

This site was coded for the Software Engineer program organized by Alx in order to be able to participate in the program.

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Blog 3
A pharmacy managing API
Jul 2021

This project was the creation of an API in Laravel for the development of a pharmacy management application.

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Blog 4
My front-end projects

These are front-end projects that I made in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS and Redux which are on my Codepen account.

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Blog 5
A Phone Shop managing API
Aug 2021

This project was the creation of an API in Laravel for the development of a Phone Shop management application.

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Blog 6
Machine Learning Projects
Aug 202116 comments

I did some basic machine learning projects to master basic algorithms like KNN, KMEANS, Linear Regression and others.

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Abomey-Calavi, Cotonou

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